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Today's "Try-It Tuesday" is on Spencer Barnes Sculpting Neck, Chin & Jaw Instant Sculpting Wand! We'll look at the claims & ingredients, and try it on a neck with actual wrinkles to see if it really works. ⬇️ Click SHOW MORE ⬇️
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5 месяцев назад

How can he possibly say this is GLUTEN FREE when it has Hydrolized Wheat Protein? I'm so upset they are making that erroneous claim. For me, this would make me extremely ill as well as causing a rash on my face that I would then have to take a potentially deadly medicine for. For all celiacs, this is NOT safe if you have any kind of microabrasion that you put it on. I'm emailing the company because it is such a serious issue for so many.

2 месяца назад

+Polarbelle & Angie, thank you for that. I too am celiac (have been hospitalized severe pain, etc.) I appreciate you bringing this to our attention as I never want to go through that agony again. Peace!

Jennifer Joyce Beauty

5 месяцев назад

Polarbelle I saw that! This stuff is such a fail

Danielle Reid

5 месяцев назад

I completely agree. If I used this, I would break out in hives instantly, plus other symptoms later, and would be miserable for at least a week. This is a downright lie that could impair people’s quality of life temporarily. Not cool.


5 месяцев назад

+Eleanor Rodway, not to mention those of that are intolerant.


5 месяцев назад

Exactly. That was my question Polarbelle!

Christa Brockman-Valerio

2 дня назад

can you do a vidio on the japanese craze called I THINK Hanacure. I am sure you must have heard of it. Could you show us?? For those of us who do not want fillers, surgery or can not afford it.

Michele Kennedy

3 дня назад

The before looks better but it may be the lighting 😄

Michele Kennedy

3 дня назад

I hate my neck and have tried micro needling, threads, laser tighten treatment and this. None have worked. I’m 54 but grew up in Florida. I’m going to look into this ultra therapy. Thx for all the info . This product feels like a lip plumper and its uncomfortable. It takes 2 pumps to cover a neck so u go through the product quickly. This is a temporary irritant to the skin and it causes inflammation which makes u look better for awhile

nath cuenca lacal

9 дней назад

thank you angye for all those informations i am 51 i live in france but our goals are the same and for the ultherapy i think it 's too expensive too much pain also for the benefits but i would like to tell you that your videos are well done informative and you are a great you tuber thanks kisses from france

Bobby Caldwell

15 дней назад

". a little mascara. " HA!

Nadine Martranchard

28 дней назад

I just received mine. My neck needs all the help I can get, yours does not so I am hoping I will see more result than we saw on your test, but I also think we need to use it for a few days to see improvements - at least I am hoping. Thank you for doing all the homework for us.

Tricia Mattia

Месяц назад

Truly excellent review. I love the way that you spend time reviewing and explaining the ingredients. So very educational.

Месяц назад

Just came across you youtube blog by accident. So happy I did. I am feeling very confident with your information and find it really helpful. I'm noticing my neck wrinkles more than I had before. Do you have a favorite cream or treatment with the prime ingredients that you shared that you look for in a product. Thanks! I'm going to check out the anti-aging skin care routine. Your skin looks beautiful.

grizzly deener

Месяц назад

your reviews are truly top notch and i trust you. :)

ladylung estj55

Месяц назад

get a model who NEEDS it like a 70 yr old woman

2 месяца назад

Can you use it around the mouth and eyes?

Veda Franklin

2 месяца назад

Do you have another suggestion. . Lazer or peels. 😯😢

Veda Franklin

2 месяца назад

Thank you for honestly. ..someone almost almost talked me into buying. . yuck. disappointed. . thank you

Jannette Gonsalez

2 месяца назад

Thank you!🤔I guess I don't going to buy it 🙂

2 месяца назад

Because she's already had work on her neck -- it's hard to tell if it worked. Didn't see anything.

3 месяца назад

Thank you for this video. Also, about Retinol. Does it dry out the skin and if it seems to do that on me should I use?

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